Sparkling CBD Water, a few different brands and bottles

Sparkling CBD Water, a few different brands and bottles

It’s always important to know what’s on the radar in regards to new health trends. In today’s world, information is constantly updating, as more and more people work together to solve the same problems. As a result, age-old health staples no longer apply the same way they once did. Think of the adage “feed a cold and starve a fever” Though it was perpetuated for centuries to eat less when one had a fever, as people believed that the body would burn up the illness faster with no food in them, this logic has since been disproved by modern medicine. Obviously, if you have a stomach flu, then don’t eat much for a day or two. However, if you just have a fever, you still need to eat. This article will take a look at emerging exercise trends, whether it be sparkling cbd water, scraping your tongue, or cutting out oil.

1. Online Workout Subscriptions and Training Virtually

Training in the privacy of your own home via online trainers is definitely on the uptrend. More and more people are deciding to abandon the traditional brick and mortar gym structure to just workout from home. After all, the decision to train oneself via online sources is cheaper, and can result in feelings of independence and self-reliance, feelings that one might not always associate with a public gym. And consider that with virtual reality, you can turn your basement or wherever you workout into almost any environment you want – that’s a boost to morale.

2. Eating Intuitively

Forget counting calories and subscribing to a different diet every other month. Intuitive eating is making waves in the health world, as people tire of both never feeling full and never losing weight. The basic principles of intuitive eating are – eat when you’re hungry, and use common sense. Don’t overload on grains or sugar, obviously, but keep a balance going. And most importantly, take pleasure in the fact that you’re eating.

3. Probiotic Foods

Kefir, yogurt, sauerkraut, and kimchi are just a few examples of probiotic foods, which can help promote the health of your gut bacteria. This is more important than it might sound, as having a healthy gut has been shown to be a very important part of maintaining one’s general health as a whole. As plant-based diets become more popular, people are learning more about how to keep their internal ecosystems balanced and healthy.

4. Food Sensitivity Testing

Do you ever eat something, and while you don’t necessarily break out in hives, you don’t feel great anyway? You may suffer from a food sensitivity, which can affect more people than you might think. Lactose intolerance is a food sensitivity that is incredibly common, as well as one being averse to red meat. Testing for food sensitivities is becoming easier than ever, and it can help you pin down parts of your diet that might’ve been making you feel worse without you even knowing.

5. Technology-Based Fertility Tracking

Women have begun retaking control of their bodies in recent years, and one of the easiest ways to do so in terms of their sexuality is through fertility tracking aided through technology. High-tech fertility trackers can track your ovulation cycle, your stress levels, your sleep patterns – they essentially calculate as much biological information about you as possible in order to help you keep track of your body and its rhythms.

6. Scraping Your Tongue

Scraping your tongue is an Ayurvedic (meaning old and holisitc) ritual of self-care and oral hygiene that you could do everyday to remove dead skin, leftover food, and other nasty stuff from the surface of your tongue. Scraping your tongue can be done with your toothbrush, and can help with halitosis tremendously.

Uber Eats, food delivery service rider

Uber Eats, food delivery service rider

7. Food Delivery

People love convenience, and one trend that’s caught up to that is the food delivery industry. This isn’t just ordering a pizza, either. Food delivery services will send your ingredients and meal planning kits in order to help you plan out your weekly diet. While convenient to a point, these kits can be very expensive, and are generally reserved for people who can afford the luxury of setting aside a couple hours every day to cook anyway. Plus, while food delivery is generally on the rise as well, you might want to look into whether or not your driver has been stealing your food.

8. Oil-Free Diets

People are starting to distance themselves from oil of any kind, even the ones we’ve always thought of as being healthful. Among those being vilified by health professionals are avocado, olive, and even CBD oil. The reason for this is that when producing oil, many nutrients are stripped during the process, and the result is a calorie-dense mixture that some view as unhealthy. However, according to Scientific American, pairing olive oil with your salad can actually help you absorb the nutrients in that salad. In fact, most oils are good for you in moderation – after all, no one is sitting around drinking glasses of the stuff. So, think twice before you throw out all your bottles of the stuff.

9. Mindfulness

One trend that is hopefully more than just a trend is the practice of mindfulness, and caring for one’s mental health. Personal days, exercise, even just going for a walk every day to clear one’s head is all part of a new craze revolving around making sure your brain is healthy. I use the term “new” lately, as mindfulness has of course been around for thousands upon thousands of years. However, it’s never been practiced to this extent. This represents a national shift of how people view mental health. Whereas previously, people generally didn’t know much at all about mental illness, information is easier to access than ever on the subject, and people are educating themselves. This is one health trend that could in turn have real, powerful effects on the psyche of the American people.

10. CBD Oil

Ever since marijuana has begun to be legalized in the United States, people have been learning more about its health benefits. Besides the potential for its treatment of depression, anxiety, and PTSD, it can also have beneficial effects on your physical health as well. In cannabis, there are two main chemicals that can affect you. The one most people are familiar with is THC, which is what can get you high. However, CBD is a component of cannabis that won’t get you high, but can help you in other ways. Besides its ability to treat certain seizure conditions, it has also been reported to calm people, soothe anxieties, and essentially do everything nicotine does minus the addictive properties. CBD oil can be taken on its own, or be infused into virtually anything. You can cbd infused foods, cbd vapes, sparkling cbd water, and a variety of other options.

Hope you enjoyed our guide today! Are there any trends you will be trying yourself? Let us know! In the meantime, check out a related video below.