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Sparkling CBD Water, a few different brands and bottles

Sparkling CBD Water, a few different brands and bottles

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Coming Soon It’s always important to know what’s on the radar in regards to new health trends. In today’s world, information is constantly updating, as more and more people work together to solve the same problems. As a result, age-old health staples no longer apply the same way they once did. Think of the adage “feed a cold and starve a fever” Though it was perpetuated for centuries to eat less when one had a fever, as people believed that the body would burn up the illness faster with no food in them, this logic has since been disproved by modern medicine. Obviously, if you have a stomach flu, then don’t eat much for a day or two. However, if you just have a fever, you still need to eat. This article will take a look at emerging exercise trends, whether it be sparkling cbd water, scraping your tongue, or cutting out oil.

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1. Online Workout Subscriptions and Training Virtually

Training in the privacy of your own home via online trainers is definitely on the uptrend. More and more people are deciding to abandon the traditional brick and mortar gym structure to just workout from home. After all, the decision to train oneself via online sources is cheaper, and can result in feelings of independence and self-reliance, feelings that one might not always associate with a public gym. And consider that with virtual reality, you can turn your basement or wherever you workout into almost any environment you want – that’s a boost to morale.

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2. Eating Intuitively

Forget counting calories and subscribing to a different diet every other month. Intuitive eating is making waves in the health world, as people tire of both never feeling full and never losing weight. The basic principles of intuitive eating are – eat when you’re hungry, and use common sense. Don’t overload on grains or sugar, obviously, but keep a balance going. And most importantly, take pleasure in the fact that you’re eating.

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3. Probiotic Foods


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