Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

Haven’t gotten your chance to try the new Popeyes sandwich?   If not, you can wrap it up now. You will not be getting a chance to try it for a while. The Louisiana kitchen chain has announced it underestimated demand by far.  The Popeyes chicken sandwich is officially sold out.

“Y’all. We love that you love The Sandwich. Unfortunately we’re sold out (for now).”

This was the message left on the official company twitter yesterday.  The news has caused a storm of memes and jokes.

Popeyes production plan included enough sandwiches to last until September.  However, due to the demand fueld by social media buzz, has left the chicken chain ‘bare boned.’   Nearly no restaurant in the 50 states of America has a sandwich to bag up.

The tweet got a lot of responses alluding to disappointment.    Fans of the Louisiana fried chicken shack left all sorts of emotional emojis.  Others simply wrote out how frustrated they are, they did not get to sample the sandwich.   A few people said they will stick with Chik-fil A, who can fulfill the needs of those wanting the delicious treat.

Beyond those responses, some social media influencers have made hilarious sketches about the issue (see here).


Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Ebay Auction

The sell-out of sandwiches has left some people seeking other outlets to find Popeyes new menu item.  Because of this, one person tested ebay. There was a sandwich for sale at the price of $700 allegedly.  It’s not clear if the auction finished or not.

More sandwiches are expected to be available by September.   Without the social media buzz being able to fuel such demand however, the company is left with a big decision in limbo.   How many Popeyes sandwich bags to create and distribute is highly difficult to estimate.

Business Tip: Forget selling weed bags.  Get your hands on some Popeye’s chicken sandwiches. Fill up your trunk and triple your money by tripling the prices.

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Credit: CNN