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Cannot Kill How I'm Dreaming
Ideli Diaz, instagram user @idelix3

Lahār gay hookup williamsburg virginia Ideli Diaz, instagram user @idelix3

Everyone knows how good the feeling is, finding something beautiful and rare.  The equivalent of this on http://academiagabarra.com/77537-gay-hookup-sites-in-mastic-new-york-87691/ instagram, is finding someone beautiful with a few followers. CKHiD is highlighting some of these ‘diamonds of the gram’ weekly.   Here’s our latest find, a model from the Dominican Republic who goes by the username annunci incontri aquila @IdeliX3.

Who is the Dominicana strathmore gay asian dating @Idelix3?

There is not much on her profile. However, if you watch Ideli’s  IG story feed and photos, it’s clear she is not in the United States. Instead, she is somewhere down in the Dominican Republic, likely Santo Domingo.  However, this location is not confirmed, one would have to reach out to get the extra information.

What is known, this Dominican phenom has under 2500 followers and her photos get 185 likes max right now. She’s still answering comments and Direct messages, for those good with sliding in the DMs.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic model prospect of the week:  @idelix3

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic model prospect of the week: @idelix3


Her username recently changed to @Idelix3.  Earlier her profile showed the number 27, which was her said age.   Her hair is curly, dark black.  Her height, judging by ‘ratio equations’ next to doors, is somewhere between 5″6 and 5″8.

Dominican Republic Girls Are Underrated as Models

The ‘ Burien gay hookup in sheffield south yorkshire Republica Domincana‘ has some of the most beautiful women on the face of planet earth. The culture is very Urban.  The people are different shades of ‘Black’ but very unaware of their heritage many times as education on the island is low.    However, many are learning about Black culture through television, connecting with Afro-Americans and inspired by seeing people who look like them make great achievements.

Physical features wise, Dominican girls aka ‘Dominicanas’ come in all shapes and shades. Curly hair, straight hair, thick afros and light ones.   Dark hair, red hair, freckles, tall, and short is possible.   One thing most do not lack however,  ‘that azz.’  According to the local homie news,  they all have  ‘azz.’

See photos above and below to enjoy some various looks of the beautiful Idelix3.  Check out our last feature from DR, Anyelina Saba (see here).

Dominican Republic model prospect Ideli Diaz with her curly hair in a bun

Dominican Republic model prospect Ideli Diaz with her curly hair in a bun