Dominican Rap Star Amenazzy showing off his abs and waistline, while in an Art Gallery

Dominican Rap Star Amenazzy showing off his abs and waistline, while in an Art Gallery

If you do not speak Spanish, there is still a chance you’ve noticed some of the new rap talent coming out of the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.  Names like Daddy Yankee, Bad Bunny, El Alfa, Amara La Negra, Ozuna, and more have integrated into America’s Urban culture. One more Dominican on this list of joining pop culture .  And this rapper from Santiago gave fans true piece of inspiration recently. His real name is José Daniel Betances.  And this rapper from Santiago gave fans a true piece of inspiration recently.  Now public, Dominican rap star NeNe La Amenazzy shows his 1st home recording studio on instagram.

NeNe La Amenazzy wrote this on Instagram about his 1st recording studio

“Y así es como conservo el lugar donde escribí canciones como

1- La Chanty

2- Mujeriego

3- Me Hace Falta

4- Munchies De Mujeres

5- Sin Maquillaje

6- Voy Después

Y otras mas.

Hoy Prendí la computadora donde hice la mayoría de mis Éxitos, y así exactamente como ven la mesa, las bocinas, computadora y demás, así mismo lucia para ese tiempo, encontré muchísimas cosas que grabé antes de la fama, no se imaginan los recuerdos que llegaron a mi, y la risa que tengo escuchando todos esos intentos fallidos, que le enseñaba a mis amigos con tanto Orgullo. 😩😂 No descansen, que yo no imaginaba todo esto que está pasando conmigo.

Gracias Dios, no me canso de Agradecerle. 🙏🏽”

Nene La Amenazzy Home Recording Studio setup from before fame

Nene La Amenazzy Home Recording Studio setup from before fame

Instagram Message Translated to English

“And this is how I keep the place where I wrote my [first hit] songs like

1- The Female [Weed]Smoker

2- Player

3- I Miss You

4- Taste For Ladies

5- Without Makeup

6- I’ll Go Later

Today I started the computer where I made the most of my successful songs, and this is exactly how the table, the speakers, computer and everything was then. [Today] i found many  things that i recorded before famous. I laughed so much listening to some of these failed songs that I showed my friends with so much pride [back then]. Don’t sleep, I never imagined everything happening with me now.  Thank You God, I can’t think you enough.”

NeNe La Amenazzy Song Covers

A touching message, you can see the photo of Amenazzy’s first home recording studio above.  Many of his first singles were covers of famous American rappers, especially Future. The single “La Chanty” was a cover of Birdman’s Rich Gang single “Lifestyle” featuring Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan.  After that, “Munchies De Mujeres” covered Tyga song “Ice Cream Man.”

The familiarity of the beats for his records was already set.   The original songs Amenazzy sampled was already in the conscious of millions worldwide.  His melodies however were just as good if not better as the originals, winning fans over in Spanish-speaking countries.  A cheat code of sorts, he had half of the battle won when releasing songs. However, his talent of writing and the vocal delivery made for knockout hits.

Amenazzy Since Recording At Home, After Fame

Since recording those hit songs that drove the women of the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico insane, “Mr Mujieriego” has been taking his act global.  Since his days of performing inside his small bedroom, things have changed drastically.   Amenazzy travels to South America, Europe, and the United States for concerts and events regularly.    This is a huge jump from the days when the rapper would have had to fight for his life, just to get a passport and visa for US or European customs entry.

With social media, the Dominican rap star has nearly 2.5 million followers on instagram alone.  His Youtube also boasts 2-million subscribers, with his most viewed music video being the single ‘Solo.’   Featuring singer Lary Over, it has nearly 240-million views as of September 1st, 2019.

Watch the new Amenazzy “Desierto” music video featuring Don Omar here on CKHiD [see here].