BoutADollar Butta , Greenville-South Carolina Rapper

BoutADollar Butta , Greenville-South Carolina Rapper

If ever committing a crime that’s Federal, just know the FBI & Police have access to every piece of information pertaining to your individual profile.   Even if you buy a flight cash, the computers of today will get all that information within minutes. One rapper recently found this out the hard way. After allegedly committing a crime in California, rapper BoutADollar Butta was arrested in South Carolina’s Greenville-Spartanburg airport, immediately upon landing.

BoutaDollar Butta Arrested In South Carolina Airport

21-year-old rapper, LeMarcus Raekwon Martin,  stage name BAD Butla was caught at the GSA airport in Upstate, SC on August 30th (2017).  Local authorities nabbed the rising talent on suspicion of committing an armed robbery in Briceland, California. The Humboldt County Police Department tipped South Carolina authorities on the rapper’s whereabouts immediately upon discovering Martin tried to fly back to his hometown.

BoutADollar Butta put up no fight with authorities at the airport according to one witness on twitter.  He simply walked away with the local police, oblivious to what was exactly going on. And with the charges being alleged, maybe he did not have a part in the crime.

Robbing a Marijuana Grower

The crime was not seen by authorities. It’s alleged a marijuana grower flagged down a California Highway Patrol Officer (CHP) in Briceland on their race to a hospital.    The driver stopped at the intersection of Briceland and China Creek Roads to tell the policeman his friend had been shot. The two were on their way to a nearby hospital in Garberville.

After stable at the hospital, the victim explained to Police hey had set up a business deal to meet with 3 men and engage in a marijuana business transaction.   The group then began discussing details inside of a white SUV. However, things went left at some point. One of the three men wanting to buy marijuana from the victim pulled a gun and shot him.

All of those involved may have not known this shooting would take place however.   After the victim was shot, some sort of struggle took place in the car seemingly.   The driver of the car then drove off the roadway, through a wooden fence, and crashed down a steep hillside.

From there, the victim ran while screaming, attracting the attention of local citizens.     That hero helped get the victim get to safety.

Why the SC Rapper Was Arrested

The reason for the BoutaDollar arrest, authorities think he was connected to a botched armed robbery with near fatal injuries. This took place in  Briceland, California.  Witnesses and the victim link Martin to the crime according to reports (see here). The official charges are being listed as robbery and conspiracy to commit a crime.    A warrant was issued based on witness accounts and an investigation after the robbery.

A conspiracy charge is very tough to defeat in cases.  It usually comes when there is insufficient evidence to prove someone guilty and is the equivalent of fighting ‘gossip.’   However, with it being stacked charges, not just conspiracy, there is likely some concrete evidence.

It does not seem Butta is being charged for the shooting however.