New Hip Hop Videos weekly will now be posted in our Hip Hop News section weekly. CKHID on-line is gearing up for a gang of new weekly reports that will include new hip hop songs, videos, models, and more. Check our complete website for our audio and image archives as we build.

This week’s new Hip Hop videos news is surrounding some of the hottest in the game. The chosen child from the West Coast Hip Hop music scene, Nipsey Hussle is taking over airwaves. Following it up is an old Hip Hop video from Wiz Khalifa that many have probably not seen. We’re adding in a mix of new artists as well that include Madame Sabrosa, Young Deuce, Diggy Smmons.


New Hip Hop Videos feature #1 – Nipsey Hussle “Feelin MySelf”

Shout OUts to Nipsey Hussle for being our number 1 video for the week. Instantly, a Hip Hop music junkie might think of this title as a tribute to Dolla (Rest in peace) but of course, a different song. A very hot Hip Hop song, this mixes into a hot Rap RNB collabo between Nipsey Hussle and Young Goldie aka Lloyd. The New Hip Hop video for this smash summer song definitely does it justice. Flashing lights, palm trees, exotic cars, money flying, and Hip Hop models insure people will love all this eye candy.

New Hip Hop Videos feature #2 – Madame Sabrosa “Power”

North Carolina stand up and take your shirt off. Hip Hop Girls stand up two times. With an underground hip Hop vibe comes the rap video Madame Sabrosa “Power”, a soul deep track. Talking about an aspect of love and relationships, one can zone out and think about life over this Hip Hop song. Stand back and be amazed by the wordplay of the NC Hip Hop artist as she shows a different side of the country. An ‘insane’ video if you watch closely..

New Hip Hop Videos feature #3 – Cee Lo Green “Fuck You”

Wow, this Hip Hop video has to be one of the most original seen in a long time. Taking it back to the Motown soul music era’s in theme, the ATL rapper does something refreshing and totally different. Featuring an old school diner set up and lots of black entertainers acting out various scenes, this should top BET and MTV charts togethor. It’s funny what the chorus says in comparison to the dramatically said hook “fuck you”. Cee Lo Greene is doing it with this Hip Hop video.

New Hip Hop Videos feature #4 – Owey ft. Wiz Khalifa “She Wants A Thug” —

Here’s a new Hip Hop video you might not have expected. The song is cool and street, featuring new Hip Hop sensation Wiz Khalifa. Another rap rnb collaboration, this guy “Owey” seemed to have a swag that reminds you of Gucci Mane. Perhaps another Pittsburgh, PA rapper, he put the block on for this video. No real clue who the RnB singer featured in this Hip Hop video is but he did this thing. Find Wiz Khalifa bouncing round in this video, keeping it real player-like with two broads hanging off the arm.


New Hip Hop Videos: Wiz Khalifa, Madame Sabrosa, Cee Lo, Nipsey Hussle Pics 

Nippsey Hussle and Cee Lo Green 
Above see a Hip Hop photo we created from a new Nipsey Hussle and Cee Lo Green pics. A quick collage, feel free to share the image. Maybe this will be a future Hip Hop song collaboration.