Maino laughing in new music "SO Brooklyn KOBMix" music video

Maino laughing in new music “SO Brooklyn KOBMix” music video


The backlash of fake, phony, facade rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine is still falling out of the sky. Even though the rapper has been locked up for some time now, people are still talking.  He is probably the most famous ‘rat’ or ‘snitch’ to ever come from New York City. Entering the game through rap however, one person is not allowing him to claim his town. Platinum artist Maino raps 6ix9ine isn’t from his part of BK, Bedstuy, in new “So Brooklyn” KOBmix.

Maino Disses Tekashi 6ix9ine

“Yeah, i’m So Brooklyn. 6ix9ine never came from the ‘Stuy, he from Bushwick,” he says in the new rap track.

Some may not understand what he means.  However, the line is likely referencing that a rat would not get to live, if they were from his neighborhood of Bedstuy-Brooklyn in New York City.

The line kind of calls Bushwick gangsters weak for letting Tekashi 6ix9ine live.  However, Maino lightens up the punch line with his next few bars.

He raps, “I’m so Brooklyn, they might try to misconstrue my lines, shout out to Bushwick.”

Either way, the line disowns rapper Tekashi69, who’s now serving federal time for crimes he committed with the 9tre Blood gang faction of Brooklyn-NYC.  In the video, Maino shows the rapper lying in a hospital bed, beat up and bruised. The imagery is from a staged robbery the rapper & his gang cohorts arranged.    Gang members who were a part of the job now claim it was done to create more news buzz [read here].

The new Maino song is a KOBmix to Casanova 2X’s hit track “So Brooklyn.”  This is the first official music video released to NYC borough theme song. Rumors have it that rapper Jay-Z has a verse on the way as well.

Remixes of the song so far include Papoose, Memphis Bleek, Fred The Godson, and various social media influencers.  Casanova 2x posts a lot of these on his Instagram profile to share with his his millions of followers. However, none have taken it up a notch, completing a music video like Maino.

Watch the official Main “So Brooklyn” KOBmix aka remix, music video, here on CKHiD:  go to video.