Swae Lee tells how Rae Sremmurd rapped on High School Cafeteria tables in Tupelo, Mississippi

Swae Lee tells how Rae Sremmurd rapped on High School Cafeteria tables in Tupelo, Mississippi


There is always a story behind your favorite rappers.  Two of the biggest starts in Hip-Hop music of the last decade are the brotherly rap duo, Rae Sremmurd.  One of the two sat down for an interview with Big Boy of The Neighborhood, Los Angeles radio show. In the segment he makes an interesting revelation of life before fame.   Swae Lee says Rae Sremmurd rapped on school cafeteria tables before fame in Pop culture.

“What made you go from 106 & Park dancing, trying to get in, to where you just said ‘alright,’ [and] put you into artist from? Have you always been around music,” asks Big Boy during the interview.  This sparks the detailed response about life before famous.

“Yeah I always been around music, since I was 11 [years-old].  My pops got me Fruity Loops,” says Swae Lee in response.

If not aware, Fruity Loops is a popular beat-making program that many producers of today’s generations used to create their career. Some still use the application today, making platinum records for major artists.

 Rae Sremmurd Rapped On School Cafeteria Tables Before Fame

He continues, “Slim [Jimmi] used to encourage me to rap at school. At the cafeteria, We used to have everybody around us.”

Big Boy’s co-host Natalia Perez chimed in to give further detail, “On the Lunch tables.”

Swae Lee confirmed, he was indeed rapping on top of the school cafeteria tables.

These minutes of the interview go to show and confirm the concept hard work pays off.  Watch the full Swae Lee interview with Big Boy’s neighborhood below on CKHiD.  He discusses a few things about his upcoming solo project. The rapper says his first album is ready and it will have some of this best collaborations to date.

The rappers stepping out on his own has long been predicted by various sites.    Now that it is finally becoming a reality, the Hip-Hop world shall know what the duo’s flavor shall be when separated. The last rap duo to have such demand for solo projects and strikingly different characters was likely Outkast.   Swae Lee’s unique approach to much and pop culture image could be compared to Andre 300. Slim Jimmi has a more street edge, which could be compared to Big Boy.  People also underrate the two, similarly.