Box Carlito shows off his Gold & Diamond jewlery while holding over 10k Cash in $100-dollar-bills

Box Carlito shows off his Gold & Diamond jewlery while holding over 10k Cash in $100-dollar-bills


Be careful what you do in the streets.   And also be careful of what people you hang around in the streets. As Jay-Z once said, “people from a distance can’t tell who is who.”  if you didn’t understand the quote, it’s referring to hits. A shooter will fire multiple shots into the area of their target to complete assassination goals.    The death of one North Carolina rapper is an example far to clear of this. NC Hip-hop artist Box Carlito was murdered, shot over 25-times in the street.

According to HipHopDxBox was a rising music artist coming out of the Tarheel state.    He made headlines earlier for major marijuana drug charges.   The rapper posted a $250K bond for a $2.5-million dollar bail, which sounds much like a ‘drug lord’ status to most.   Real name Vicente Arocho, his music videos  like “Stole the Bag” [watch here] are filled with baller stunts and lavish accessories from luxury cars to rolex watches.

However, Carlito would deny all the buzz later in an interview with DJ Smallz. He claims the Police just targeted him because he was a Young Black male with known legitimate business success.

“What I want to say about this bond is this, $2.5 million bond all for a marijuana charge, not a high level marijuana charge, a G-class felony which is a low felony,” said Box Carlito in the interview.

He continued “My bond should’ve been only $80,000, instead it was $2.5 million and I had to stay in there for six months. I had to show all my tax returns, I had to put up all my property, I had to show everything just to get out of jail.”

Plot Twist: Who killed Box Carlito?

There’s a developing story-line from people who live in North Carolina about the rapper’s death.  According to one user on twitter, Box Carlito was shot by a man who he once bailed out of jail. If the account’s statement is factual or not, cannot be verified by anyone other than Police.  And they are sure to investigate such tips.

“Bruh Box Carlito literally posted 100k bail for his friend who turned around and killed him, niggas are fucking shady,” wrote twitter user @NoChillManny.

This sparked a reply from user @MommaShark__ who says the claim is false.  She wrote to Manny a simple response, “Lie.”’


Box Carlito enjoying a barbor shop conversation big smile on the rapper's face

Box Carlito enjoying a barbor shop conversation big smile on the rapper’s face


Whether it’s true or not is yet to be told.  Watch a Raleight-NC news station segment about Box Carlito’s death below, here on CKHiD  [read story here].  The rapper had a buzz building that was substantial.   In North Carolina, everyone was talking because of his lavish lifestyle and credibility in the streets.

Other ideas floating and highly ‘plausible’ judging by history, this is a drug related death.  However, as we learned from Nipsey Husle’s passing, jealousy from people in your hometown can be very strong.  Either way, Box Carlito murdered should not be the headline America’s reading today.  Life should not be seen as below the value of a piece of ‘imagined value’ paper.

Other NC rappers have not yet chimed in on it.  J.Cole, DaBaby, Rich Dunk, or Stunna 4x have spoken.

Update: Box Carlito Murdered Along With A Friend

Box Carlito was not the only one murdered.  According to SmashBlockTV, 31-year-old Jaquan Tyrone Dumas was also killed alongside the rapper.  Carlito was 28 at the time of his death. Both have multiple felonies including cocaine distribution and armed robbery.

The shooting happened Wednesday around 1:15PM in Raleigh-North Carolina.   The event happened on the 2700 block of Community Drive .  This is the same metropolitan where the Duke Blue Devils play and has long held the reputation for being one of the most dangerous cities in America.