Chicago Drill Rapper 051 Melly, Real Name Yarmell Williams, and His Son

Chicago Drill Rapper 051 Melly, Real Name Yarmell Williams, and His Son

The war in Chicago is raging on.  The young man who was killed at a house party inside Woodland homes has been identified. Yarmel Williams aka rapper 051 Melly was murdered at approximately 2:51 AM by an unknown assailant.

The Sunday shooting happened very randomly.   Many youths were gathered at a house on the 6100 block of  South St. Lawrence avenue. There for an overnight house party, it was the early morning hours of September 1st, when an unknown gunman opened fire at the event. 051 Melly was struck along with a young Black female, who’s wounds were non life-threatening.  Yarmel was not as lucky however. He was reported dead at the scene.

One Man Saw When 051 Melly Was Murdered

One witness reported what they saw in a live video feed. He said, “They killed buddy [051 Melly].  I looked out the window, he was laying there. Laying there. I was like damn, he was shaking.  They killed him. I was like damn. We wasn’t even in the party a good 30 minutes.”

Many people are reporting Wililams tried to escape through a window, before being shot.  If this is true, he recognized his enemies and the severity of what was about to happen, before he was killed.

051 Melly was 27-years-old at the time of his death, according to the Chicago Sun.    There was no fight, struggle, nor argument before the shooting.   However, many on-line are whispering that he was a victim of an on-going gang war.     Supposedly “O-Block” and “Jaro” gang sets have been engaging in a killing spree that’s lasted over a  year now.

The woman shot has not been named.  Her injuries were not life threatening. She drove herself to the St. Bernard Hospital and has since been in good condition.

Son of 051 Melly, Has No Parents Now

The biggest tragedy of this entire story perhaps is that the 27-year-old rapper had a son.     According to an Instagram report [see here],  the young boy is now parent-less.   With the death of his father, he no longer has anyone.

051 Melly Was a Known Gang Member But His Life Story Is Filled With Tragedies

051 Melly Was a Known Gang Member But His Life Story Is Filled With Tragedies

Yarmel Williams lost his long-time girlfriend in a train accident approximately 3 weeks ago.  The rapper had already lost his mother to cancer as well. Though a known gang member, he allegedly jumped into the street life to provide for his siblings, since the loss of his mom.

Who Killed The 27-Year-Old Rapper? Witnesses Won’t Speak

None of the witnesses to the event are being cooperative with Police.  However, it’s clear that Chicago Gangs cannot be controlled by the local law enforcement. Because of that, who would cooperate?   So many are being killed or shot in the Windy City on a daily basis, the odds are against anyone going against gangs in certain areas.

Local detectives are still investigating all clues they have, including the video from the party.  Watch this clip from the house that night, showing the moments rapper 051 Melly was murdered.

This is sad for rap in general.   Another rapper from North Carolina was just killed recently as well. He went by the name of Box Carlito.  He was killed in his hometown, part of a double homicide [read story here].