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New Nicki Minaj Perfume for Pink Friday Fans That Buy Fragrances

New Nicki Minaj Perfume for Pink Friday Fans That Buy Fragrances

04 / 25 / 2011       writer: R. Crump @T

New Nicki Minaj ventures seem to be a regular occurence in 2011. The Young Money Diva has proven she can hang in a league with the big boys and even has a cross-over tour planned with Britney Spears. In a recent interview with Allure Magazine, the Rap diva said she has her eye on launching a new Nicki Minaj perfume next.

"A new Nicki Minaj perfume would sell out of this world I bet. She is the hottest female on the market right now and about to cross-over into pop with the Britney Spears tour. I think selling to females would be so easy, she needs to launch a Nicki Minaj cologne for men to make it a semi-challenge," spoke C.KHiD, and new rap sensation and founder of the first Hip Hop clothing blog (

The New Nicki Minaj perfume has no real structure or detailed course of action yet. Chopping it up in an interview with Allure Magazine, the YMCMB Queen said she just wants the perfume to smell light, but strongly recognizeable. She wants a Nicki Minaj perfume to be something for the sensual woman.

I like scents that feel summery, but have a va-va-voom. I want to smell like a sexy and confident woman, not like candy, said Nicki Minaj to Allure magazine.

Although no dates or course of action have been set, the Cash-Money/Young Money first lady has hopes the perfume will release this year.

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