Wiz Khalifa pays tribute to Nipsey Hussle at Ozarks Amphitheater

Wiz Khalifa pays tribute to Nipsey Hussle at Ozarks Amphitheater


Hip-Hop music lost a leader this year with the untimely and unnecessary slaying of Nipsey Hussle [read here].     The world has mourned the loss of the Los Angeles rapper since his killing on the last day of March of 2019.     Celebs are still paying home. One star surprised his fans with a tribute. Rapper Wiz Khalifa paid tribute to Nipsey Hussle at Ozarks concert.

“TMC” wrote the Wizzle Man on an Instagram photo captured from the event.

The acronym is that of Nipsey Hussle’s brand. It stands for “The Marathon Continues.”   He created the phrase to represent a ‘no quit’ lifestyle. Because the greatest things come from hard work, the people who run the longest win the most.

Is Wiz Khalifa Rolling Crips? Naybahood sign in photo.

Nipsey Hussle was a known Rolling Sixties Crip.  His gang is frequently referred to as ‘RSC 6-0’ or ‘Naybahood Crips.’     His TMC store on Crenshaw & Slauson, now known as Nipsey Hussle Square, was  a part of his gang’s turf as a youth. But even with its popularity today, it’s still heavily occupied by the revered gang today.

Wiz Khalifa is from a Pittsburgh-Pennsylvania area where Rolling Crips are dominant as well.  It’s not been clarified if the rapper is a crip himself but he is definitely affiliated. Both his close friends, Chevy Woods and bodyguard ‘Big Breeze,’ are said to be part of the Rolling 20s set.

Deceased Pittsburgh rapper Jimmy Wopo was also a Crip.  He signed to Wiz’s Taylor Gang important before being killed in a shoot out.
Early in his muysic career, Wiz and his Taylor Gang family built their network with other Crip gang labels and artists.   Khalifa & co are very close with Snoop Dogg of Long Beach Crips. He’s got a visible relationship with OT Genesis of Geer Gang Crips as well. Lastly, he and Nipsey Hussle of the Rolling 60’s consistently made music during the Crenshaw & Slauson rapper’s rise.  He’s also done projects with Insane Crip OG Big Tray Dee.

It appears in the photo the Taylor Gang boss is throwing up an “N” with his hand. This is the sign that’s affiliated with Nipsey’s home turf, Naybahood.   The LA rapper constantly chucked up the sign during television appearances, red card shoots, and social media posts.

Is He a Crip? Wiz Khalifa paid tribute to Nipsey Hussle

The actual celebration by Wiz Khalifa is believed to have taken place on August 2nd.  Because this was uploaded on this date, it’s assumed the photo is from his concert at the Ozarks Amphitheater in Missouri.   It was a date on “The Decent Exposure” tour featuring Wizzle, Playboi Carti, DJ Drama, Chevy Woods, and more.

The Wiz Khalifa “See You Again” song played as the photo of Nipsey was shown on the big screen behind him.  Confetti was blasted in the air to celebrate the memory of the slain rapper.

He also paid respect to Mac Miller during the time of this tribute. See a portion of the event below.   Check out our Top 6 Songs to motivate the hustle in you from Nipsey Hussle here on CKHiD – click here.