Wiz Khalifa is scheduled to perform new rap song Black and Yellow before the Pittsburgh Steelers game today. The biggest performance of his career to date, this January 23rd concert will top off a huge viral music video launch which led to 27 million views on YouTube. At approximately 6:30PM eastern, Wiz Khalifa will hit mainstream and Black and Yellow shall create platinum.

“I’ve always had that Pittsburgh pride,” Wiz told AllHipHop. “I just wanted to let people know where I’m from and represent any way I can and what better way than through our colors. I took that hometown pride and put it in a song.”

The Pittsburgh Steeler’s field will house a full 65,000 fans today, with cookouts and more going on outside the stadium. On television at home, millions of NFL playoff followers will have eyes glued to the screen as Wiz Khalifa performs. These type of numbers will surely draw in an even bigger frenzy for new Wiz Khalifa music.

Wiz Khalifa is completely excited by the opportunity to perform for the Pittsburgh Steelers during the playoffs. He has been tweeting to fans his where abouts all morning to make sure everyone knows he will arrive early and fulfill his destiny to fuel the Steeler’s mojo before the game. “first time flyin private. still ballin like I’m fro didley,” comes up on the real Wiz Khalifa twitter from 3:30am (eastern).

“It’s gonna be crazy man. It’s gonna be really monumental to see everyone out there. Knowing where I grew up and everyone rockin’ in the same place,” he said. “This is the closest to being a Steeler that I’m gonna get.”

Born September 8, 1987, Wiz Khalifa’s birth name is Cameron Jibril Thomaz. Born in Minot, North Dakota he moved around as a military child to Germany, England, and Japan. According to his music, he always came back to Pittsburgh between moves, before staying in the city for High school and forward.

Watch a great “Wiz Khalifa Interview” with C.KHiD online on YouTube at the link below:

Wiz Khalifa Concert Before Pittsburgh Steelers vs NY Jets NFL Game Pics 

Wiz Khalifa Black and Yellow G Mix video gave some great HD images for fans to steal. See a photo above that was taken from the video featuring Snoop Dogg, T Pain, and Juicy J of 3-6 mafia. 

Another shot from the Wiz Khalifa Black and Yellow G Mix video above.