As the Internet continues to further the spread of negative news headlines and scandal, here comes another story the world loves to hear. Barrack Obama was caught cheating with former aide and and fundraiser, Vera Baker. Is the scandal true? Of course they are not.

Fueled by the various rumor blogs and web sites, the scandal making headlines was pushed reportedly by ‘The Globe’ people’s newspaper. The publication, which works a lot off hear-say statements, published an issue with Obama and Vera Baker on the cover speculating something was going on.

Barrack Obama, a president of the United States has hotel rooms that include offices and sleeping quarters. It’s not improper for President Obama to have qualified officials in his hotel building or room. While most ignore the idea of a President not being able to do business with officials in public hallways and lobby areas, the situation at hand is probably rubbish.

As the National Enquirerer continues to probe these rumors that stemmed back in 2008 or 2009, Barrack Obama’s camp does not sweat the general population’s perception. The president of the worlds leading nation has other issues to attend to that range from continuing to help stabilize the economy to political issues with other countries.

For those interested in doing something more positive with their time than divulge interests into scandal, visit the official youtube page for the US White House (click here).

Barrack Obama Caught Cheating with Vera Baker is Rumors Pics 

Picture of US President Barrack Obama with family. If this is slander, why can’t Obama sue a magazine until it’s broke? 

Picture of vera Baker, a political fundraiser for the Obama administration. A very talented woman that founded Baker Wambu & Associates in 2000. BW&U is a top fundraising firm for the Congressional Black Caucus.