Since Jay-Z Switched everything under Roc Nation, what happened to Rocafella Records? It looks like Dame Dash knew what happened to the overlooked brand. In fact, Dame Dash was inspired by new rapper Curren$y so much, he is relaunching the Rocafella Records label.

“[Curren$y] inspired me to dust off the chains. We brought ’em out for kicks, just because we could. Then we was like, F— it, lets put it through Roc-A-Fella. It was really more something he wanted to do. Basically, ’cause we having such a good time, and the opportunity’s there, we was like, ‘Why not?'” said Dame Dash to reporters.

After presenting rapper Curren$y with a Roc-A-Fella diamond chain a few months ago, Dame Dash has decided to make the fashion statement official. Dame told MTV news that he plans to relaunch the multi-platinum recording artist producing brand this spring. Releasing the first act, Curren$y on June 15, the highly anticipated album “Pilot Talk” should create a great buzz for the brand’s restart.

Rocafella or Roc-A-Fella Records was co-founded by Jay-Z, Kareem “Biggs” Burke, and Damond Dash. Through a decade they saw a level of success and time defining movements that will never be forgotten. With a line up of artists that included Memphis Bleek, Freeway, Cam’ron, Kanye West, DJ Clue, and Jay-Z, the brand produced an amazing amount of new talent.

According to Dash, right to the brand have been transferred. That made it possible for him to relaunch the label with the help of Def Jam and label executive L.A. Reid.

“Def Jam or Universal bought the brand. I think the “beef” [with us and Jay-Z] was that Jay made it clear he didn’t want me or Biggs to be a part of it. That’s really where it was at. Now that he doesn’t work for Def Jam anymore, he doesn’t have the right to use the name,” Dash said.

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