Justin Bieber fever is spreading across youtube! While the teen superstar is touring across the world and making headlines, spawns of his music talent and image are showing ever. In fact, some people are going so crazy with Justin Bieber Fever they are finding their own comedy fan bases on Youtube, thanks to the kid’s following.

Discovering Justin Bieber at this point would probably mean you are late on new music. However, discovering these new Bieber parodies might mean an instant vacation of laughter. Check out these top 3 Justin Bieber Fever videos for a quick laugh. 

1.Bieber Fever ( Justin Bieber Baby! Fans Parody )
Of course at the #1 spot for Justin Bieber fever skits list is the CKHID crew. Comedian Jus Jeff meets rapper C.KHiD and our biz guy “Raf” to enlighten the blind. A hilarious spoof that can probably be summed up as black comedy, the Rev hits Raf with the Bieber Fever.

2.Justin Bieber – Baby ft. Ludacris PARODY 
The Justin Bieber fever possibly summed up as an extreme boyfriend? Something like a stalker skit, hilarious Youtube actor/comedian Kevin Edwards Jr

3.Bieber Fever
A couple of young girls explain the Justin Bieber fever and symptoms. A funny video for fans of Bieber because they will relate to most everything they are saying. Justin Bieber’s fan base is dedicated.
Justin Bieber Fever Spreading via Youtube Videos Pics 

Picture of Justin while on one of his bikes. A high quality Justin Bieber pic that fans can share.