Youtube sensation KevJumba is making his music debut on iTunes! Are the charts ready for one of Youtube’s Top 10 comedians to release a serious music song? With over 939,948 subscribers to his Youtube channel, you would think that KevJumba is ready to take over the charts. Eminem’s #1 song only sold 379,000 singles which means Kevjumba has a chance at showing the world, Youtube stars have power.

“Youtube is the future in my opinon,” says independent youtube video and music artist C.KHiD. “Times have changed and the digital age is changing all the mechanics of business and needing money to reach an audience. Artists like KevJumba, Tim DeLaGhetto, and KLassicMaster are proving this.”

Fellow Youtube partners are standing waiting to see if Kevjumba’s new music video “Dance To This Song” will launch him onto the iTunes music charts. Even though the song is parodying the meaningless radio played music of today, the influence and support KevJumba has will show with numbers.

KevJumba, a college student, began posting videos in July of 2006. Since then he has become extremely popular amongst the adults and minors browsing youtube. Maintaining a positive image for fans, KevJumba’s sophisticated persona has returned even greater success.

To download the new KevJumba “Dance To This Song” single on iTunes, visit the link below:

KevJumba Debuting New Song and Music Video “Dance to This Song” Pics 

KevJumba debuting new song and music video “dance to this song” 

Kev Jumba “Dance to This Song” music video snippet. Released on the JumbaFund youtube channel, the actual song is available on iTunes