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Cannot Kill How I'm Dreaming
americas cardroom slots New Hip-Hop Song “How To Get a Record Deal” is not just for  namorar um asperger Port Elizabeth Hip-Hop music fans but also Hip-Hop music artists. US Rapper C.KHiD wrote the song in hopes to represent the ideals of music artists who struggle meeting current industry trends. A very symbolic song, UK Hip-Hop artists, Australia rappers, music artists in Japan, and wherever else can relate.

“For me, it was all about relating to other artists. All Hip-Hop artists that are true to their music go through this. If they are there for a buck and a gimmick, they wont care. How to Get a Record Deal is what most artists think and know. I’m not mad at the industry, I’m just calling it how I see it,” says US Hip-Hop artist C.KHiD.

Originally written by C.KHiD as a song for himself, fellow femcee “Madame Sabrosa” suggested the idea of adding a female rapper on the track. After a little talk, the two decided to represent both sexes on the remixed Hip-Hop song and release a music video.

The two artists dedicate the new song to  gabapentin teva 300 Pipraich US Hip-Hop ich freue mich dich kennenlernen zu dürfen cap-a-pie UK Hip-Hop acheter stromectol cagily Australia Hip-Hop neurontin withdrawal stomach ache Asia Hip-Hop, Costa Rica Hip-Hop, and wherever else artists are struggling to balance identity and success. Releasing the new music video for “How to Get a Record Deal” on Youtube and Facebook today, fans of the song should leave comments like a petition.

Now available on iTunes, it will be interesting to see how far out music artists that embrace this song can be found. Already selling in Australia, the United Kingdom (UK), US, Canada, and Mexico, rapper C.KHiD hopes to continue with his career in music successfully.

To see the new video on youtube, visit link below:

New Hip-Hop Song Expresses Frustration of Hip-Hop Artists in US, Japan, UK, Australia and World Pics 

Picture of How to Get a Record Deal single cover artwork! Released on iTunes, it’s a piece of modern artwork rich of symbolic expression. 

How to Get a Record Deal, the official music video. Song features Hip Hop artists C.KHiD and Madame Sabrosa. Acting artists include musician B.Clark, Comedian Jus Jeff, and fill-in Raf Clinks.