2010 Hip Hop music fans will see something for the first time at the Yankee’s new $1.5Billion US dollar ball park. Rappers Jay-Z and Eminem will headline the first concert at the new Yankee stadium September 13th. A mark in Hip Hop history, it’s amazing where Hip Hop culture has arrived to.

“Yankee Stadium was built with this kind of mega-event in mind,” Chief Operating Officer Lonn Trost said in a statement. “It will undoubtedly be a memorable occasion for music fans around the world.”

The two multi-platinum artists both attended the Yankee’s away game against the Detroit Tigers. At the ball game they announced their two city tour. The first will be at comercia Park in Detroit, September 2nd. The other is to be at the Yankees stadium September 13th.

The two artists have generated a huge buzz on-line with all music sites posting the news within hours of statement. Jay-Z, a 10x Grammy award winner, has had eleven number 1 albums, passing the record of Elvis Presley. This will be his second appearance at the new Yankees stadium, earlier performing with fellow Brooklyn-born music star Alicia Keys.

Eminem is the best selling artist in the last decade, totaling over 80 million albums sold. Winning 11 Grammy Awards and 1 Academy award, he is currently working on new album “Recovery,” which is highly anticipate by fans worldwide.

The New York Yankees began playing in the new stadium April 16, 2009. As the climate in New York and Detroit improve this summer, this Hip Hop duo is sure to set the two cities on fire. Tickets are expected to sell out within very short period.

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