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margin-bottom: 20px; New John Wall Dance is causing pandemonium on-line and in the sport’s world. It’s not everyday the Carolina’s Hip hop scene gets set on fire. Its even rarer that a sports player can set off a new Hip Hop dance explosion. However, new Hip Hop music group “Troop41” and Kentucky basketball star John Wall have managed to inspire a new movement in the culture.

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“Everyone in the Carolinas should support this. North and South Carolina radio stations and Hip Hop DJs should be breaking this record. What more does it take to show potential when you have the whole world around your states playing your music and doing your dance? As an artist, I know how hard it is in the Carolinas to get a record broke on radio but these Raleigh sports and Hip Hop talents deserve to shine,” Says SC hip hop artist C.KHiD.

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