New Justin Bieber and Jay Z honors are on the way. The 10th Annual BET awards has given both artists various nominations for the black music awards. Already creating major headlines as the two artists have had fantastic years in business and music, it’s sure to be a talked about show.

“It’s going to be a really interesting show. Justin Bieber winning a Black Entertainment Television award will be the talk. Deserved though, the kid is an amazing phenomenon. Wiz Khalifa, would be great to see him win an award for his independent accomplishments. The 10th BET awards will be a renewed presentation I believe,” says music artist C.KhID.

With Jay Z leading all artists in nomination counts, he received 5 nods thus far. Two titles being Best Male Hip Hop artist and Best Music Video, fans can only wonder what the other 3 are. Beyonce, wife of Jay Z, is right beyond her husband in nominations. With 4 awards nominations, she and Alicia Keys come in second for most 10th annual BET Awards nominations.

Other stars nominated include Justin Bieber, rapper Drake, Trey Songz, Fabolous, Selena Gomez, and Melanie Fiona.

While Justin Bieber was nominated as best new artist, the way the world’s catching Bieber Fever would make you think Beatle mania. As fans rally to watch him on the BET awards, it’s hoped he will perform during the program.

The 10th Annual BET awarrds will be held Sunday, June 27th. Live from Los Angeles’ Shrine auditorium, it will be aired on the Black Entertainment Television channel at 8PM/ 7 Central.

New Justin Bieber and Jay Z Honors on the Way from BET Awards Pics 

Justin Bieber smiling is worth a million bucks to his fans and business executives! A super talent, the Bieber Fever hysteria he has caused worldwide is incredible. 

Making big business moves has been his game since his days as a Hip Hop artist. Check out this pic of Jay Z smiling as if he just caught a new check.. 

Here’s a funny Bieber Fever parody put togethor by South Carolina tag team, comedian Jus’ Jeff and rapper C.KHiD. Features C.KHiD’s product placement / relations manager Raf “Clinks”.