New Hip HOp Song “Nice Kicks” has finally released on iTunes by rapper C.KHiD. A song for the committed sneakers collectors across the world, is a follow up to hit song “Nike Head” released in 2009. A fan of Nike, Nike SB Dunks, and Air Jordan sneakers, the “sole interests” single recieved over 90,000 plays and downloads on-line. Returning to the sneakers sole once more, C.KHiD goes for new kicks.

“This might be my last song paying homage to sneakers. Nice Kicks reps for the sneakers crowd across the world. Fashion and sneakers was an addiction and hobby since around 17. Almost every pair of Air Jordan and Nike shoe release desired were sported and every blog site had some connection or influence from my creativity. This is my salute to those carrying the torch,” says C.KHiD.

Originally planning “nike head 2” as the song’s title, creative thoughts changed the song’s direction. Desiring to celebrate sneakers culture as a whole, C.KHiD expanded his vision thanks to inspiration from a long-time associate’s popular sneakers blog. It pretty much represents the whole sneakers culture and worked well with the instrumental’s slick rick sample.

Mentioning popular sneakers blogs and stores in the last verse of song, Nice Kicks is sneakers history and lifestyle music. Popular sneakers blogs NiceKicks, HypeBeast, Sole Redemption, SneakerNews, and KicksOnFire all have creative placement in lyrics of the song. Other sneaker culture icons like Shoe Trends, Kicks and Chicks, and PickYourShoes also get plugged.

Pittsburgh Hip Hop producer Johnny Juliano created the instrumental for Nice Kicks. C.KHiD teamed with New York producer/engineer Carlos Paez of to engineer the song.

Sneakers fans can download C.KHiD’s song Nice Kicks on iTunes today.

New Song Nice Kicks Boxes Attention of Nike and Jordan Sneakers Collectors Pics 

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