New Wiz Khalifa songs and mixtapes have invaded Hip Hop culture in 2010. Probably the most demanded independent artist since Young Money’s Drake debuted, he has a huge future in music. Touring the United States in recent months, it’s an amazing vibe building around Wiz Khalifa as he continues to sell out venues in every city. As Wiz says himself, in Hip Hop culture right now its Taylor Gang or Die.

Ending his 50 show tour this weekend in Seattle, Wiz Khalifa has done something amazing. Beginning Without co-signs from popular artists or a major Hip Hop label behind him, he sold out 47 of 50 shows across the US. As his buzz built, of course other artists came out to speak, but the Wiz Khalifa movement is authentic.

Comparable to 50 Cent’s buzz in the streets around 2002, the difference between the two artists’ hype is content and audience appeal. Wiz Khalifa is from a more current generation that wears fitted clothing and have a relaxed attitude. Rapping about tattoos, smoking, the date game, and more makes fans from all walks relate to Wiz.

Coming off the success of new hip hop mixtape “Kush and Orange Juice,” Wiz Khalifa has a major game plan for the remainder of 2010. It’s reported the Pittsburgh Hip Hop music artist signed to Atlantic Records. If true, he is now at the label that is home to rappers TI, B.O.B., Plies, Lupe Fiasco, and more.

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New Wiz Khalifa Songs and tour Find Major Success Pics 

New Wiz Khalifa song cover artwork. Single is “Make it Hot” and fans can download this and other Wiz Khalifa songs on iTunes. 

Wiz Khalifa Star Power mixtape cover artwork. Two of Wiz’s favorite lines is “Star Power” and “Star Year”.