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margin: 0 0 20px 0; Nicki Minaj have a long lost twin? You might think so after watching Hip Hop model Ashlea Sherman in Hip Hop videos Sour Sugar by C.KhID or Crime Mob’s Rock Your Hips. THe Hip Hop model has raised eye brows of Hip Hop music fans and followers that think she is Nicki Minaj’s sister. As viewers keep finding more of her work, the questions surrounding her relation to Nicki Minaj keep growing.

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Not exact look-a-likes, the Hip Hop model does favor Nicki Minaj in some scenes and pictures. Definitely not minding comparison to one of the hottest names in Hip Hop music currently, Ashlea responded to the buzz with “I dont want to be Nicki Minaj but she’s beautiful, so let people talk.”

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Standing around 5″8, Ashela Sherman is not your typical Hip Hop model. She actually is a former pageant contestant for the Miss South Carolina USA. In Hip Hop music and culture, the Nicki Minaj twin has taken on select a-list music videos from artists Ginuwine, Trey Songz, and others within the last 2 years. Sneaker Heads might recognize her as the model from the infamous “NY Hoop Dreams” wall poster that is on many walls in America.

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