It’s been reported by industry insiders that rapper Wiz Khalifa has officially signed with Atlantic Records. Actually putting his ink on the dotted line weeks ago, his last project independently will be “Kush and Orange Juice.” When asked about signing with Atlantic Records, Wiz Khalifa said “Whatever people want it to be, that’s what it is. I didn’t say yes, I didn’t say no.” Either way, independently, Wiz Khalifa Kush and Orange Juice mixtape did over 1 million downloads and shares across the web.

Obviously a deal that had to be valued highly, it’s speculated for Wiz Khalifa to ink a deal there would be a $5MM to $10MM signing bonus probably shelled out. The funding after that is totally fluid.

Wiz Khalifa’s independent Hip Hop music value is already in the millions. The Pittsburgh, PA rapper topped iTunes with album “Deal or No Deal” and could create a Youtube partnership that’s worth 6 figures per year. Videos “This Plane” and “Ink My Whole Body’ each have over 1 million views. Throw in the fact he’s able to sell out venues and sell merchandise, then estimates can really get crazy.

“Wiz Khalifa is worth millions without a question. Not sure if a recording artist could sign him because he’s so big as himself. Most artists turned CEOs look to coach, transform, and co-sign a rapper or singer. That factory format creates their whole image, not really the people in the streets. Wiz Khalifa pretty much got a deal, dropped a deal, then just took over independently. Radios aren’t playing him like they did Drake which says he has a more authentic fan base,” Says CKHID founder Rodrick Rainey.

If not familiar with Wiz Khalifa you will be soon. Visit the Wiz Khalifa profile on the CKHID new rappers section for more details on the rapper. Find a bio, pictures, and Wiz Khalifa video free for download, viewing, and sharing..

Wiz Khalifa Signed to Atlantic Records Pics 

Wiz Khalifa This Plane music video 

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