Black Comedy artist “Jus Jeff” made his first appearance in South Carolina recently. A youtube sensation that first appeared in the viral video Lebron James vs Jordan Crawford basketball skit, he’s since developed a mounting on-line following.

“Jus Jeff is just the kind of guy who can’t resist making a joke about any situation. He was a born comedy act,” says rapper C.KhID on the black comedy artist.

Jus Jeff scored his first comedy act in his native city Greenville, South Carolina. Performing a free stand up at the “coffee underground” in the budding metro’s downtown, an audience of 30 or so guests were gathered for his stand up comedy routine.

Jus Jeff will continue to perform in various venues across Greenville (SC), Atlanta (GA), and Charlotte (NC) during the summer. Looking to expand his popularity and rise into a headline position, he works hard writing black comedy jokes daily.

Visit the official Jus Jef youtube channel at

Black Comedy Artist Jus Jeff Makes First Appearance in South Carolina Pics

A picture of black comedy actor and stand up artist Jus Jeff. This hilarious picture was taken during his video shoot for a “Kimbo Slice” comedy skit. The character had an infatuation with “Catfish Nuggets.”