In a world where the greediest people can manage to get off the hook, it’s not amazing BP oil executives are still sitting cozy at home. After all, they are so powerful they can have the White House speak on their behalf instead of having to deal with federal or local laws citizens must abide by. Either that or Killing an ocean of animals, harming generations of people to come, and murdering summer fun has just become legal. Terrible Barrack Obama has to deal with so much during his term, but oil is obviously no longer under control by our government.

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws,” said Mayer Amschel Rothschild in one of his most popular lines ever. Perhaps the Rothschild bank cartel member was right.

In this latest catastrophe by BP Oil, they proved they have no control over their business. Not even the government will stop their destruction of a worldly used, nationally needed, natural resource. The only message sent so far is “throw some money at it for now” according to the US president.

Contended in press by various writers and nature activists, one interesting report this week has been the debate of jail time. Why do BP executives not have to be held accountable for their empire while harmless everyday people can be arrested for jay walking, selling organic marijuana, or walking a giraffe down the street.

“Somebody should be held accountable. However, my belief in the people is strong. If people think positively, we can create a fix for sure. Anything is possible but BP oil will not fix this ultimately,” says Hip Hop artist and entrepreneur C.KHiD.

Watch below for Barrack Obama’s addressing of the BP Oil spill and also a hilarious parody of what BP Oil company and hired agencies clean up ideas were like.

BP Oil Spill Bosses or Marijuana Drug Dealers, Who Deserves More Jail Time? Pics 

Photo of BP Oil Spill 2010 Executives standing before the government that allows them to go free as long as they promise to spend some money. 

An awesome 2010 BP Oil Spill parody put togetohr by popular youtube comedians “UCBComedy”