New Drake Songs on his Thank Me Later album has the world exhibiting “Justin Beiber Fever” type symptoms once again. After landing one of the biggest singles of new Hip Hop over a year ago with “Best I Ever Had,” the Cash Money / Young Money Millionaire is back. His second album release “Thank Me Later” is estimated to have sold over 400k units.

Also planned for the new Drake album release was a concert in New York City’s Seaport district. However, that concert was cancelled after a crowd nearly double estimated totals showed up. The crowd turned into pandemonium after the news of the concert’s cancellation was announced to the 20,000 fans.

In another attempt to surprise fans, rapper Drake made an appearance to sign albums at an NYC Best Buy store. The age range of people waiting was amazing. Grown men and women, teens, and young kids were all there to see the Disney actor turned Hip Hop star.

“Whenever you can get panties thrown at you, a guy to put his girlfriend in the air to flash you, and grown men crying you signed their CD, you are coming into something great. New music is all about how fan’s relate. Though radio programming has a big part in ‘programming’ people today, Drake is a talented guy and he has created something big off the strength of him,” says new rapper C.KHiD of the new Drake songs and success.

Drake reportedly signed a recording deal contract that came with a $2 million dollar bonus after the success of “Best I Ever Had” single. Since then, the former Disney “Degrassi” character has been building major buzz around the Untied States and world over his next moves. It seems keeping the fans anxious was the right move.

New Drake album “Thank me Later” will go gold but not set any records according to theAtlanta Post. The Internet leak of the album did not stop it from having stellar sales but some bloggers contest the idea of it going platinum. Either way, the fairly new Hip Hop music artist will still be amongst the best selling of 2010.

New Drake Songs on Thank Me Later Album Causes Fans to Faint, Riot, and Download Music Pics 

Photo of the New Drake in 2010. Keeping it GQ, the new Hip Hop artist seems to like creating classic photographic moemnts. 

Amateur video footage of the new Drake concert event or what was planned to be one. Cancelled, people begain rioting over the let down.