They said Hip Hop was dead, well never in the fashion realm. The rapper sensation, C.Khid, is making his stamp in the Hip Hop fashion world with Hip Hop Clothing line sponsors Avrumi RomarioCake Mix, and Hood Prep.

Handpicked and chosen by Hip Hop artist C.Khid, exclusive pieces will be featured in his summer hit music videos on YouTube and media appearances. The two Hip Hop clothing lines and music phenomenon will collaborate for various Internet age entertainment productions, bringing the world of Hip Hop fashion and music to a whole new level.

Never being a stranger to fashion, C.Khid created the first Hip Hop clothing site in 2002 giving the world a glimpse of his own fashion taste. “Since my mid teens, my style and tastes have always been followed, so I consider myself a trend-setter. Brands like Avrumi Romario, Cake Mix, and Hood Prep have the best designs, and I love supporting Hip Hop fashion lines,” says C.KHiD.

C.KHiD’s born path seemed set for entertainment early. Gaining YouTube and iTunes attention globally each day, C.KHiD is using the international recognition to force his position in the music industry and now the fashion industry. He continues to take each entertainment industry by storm receiving millions of views on associated sites Sojones,Kicks and Chicks, and CKHID.

The C.Khid movement is taking over day by day with more hits, more views, and more Hip Hop. “My name means Cannot Kill How I’m Dreaming and I feel like my life has been a Dream,” comments C.Khid on his success.

Supporters and fans of the C.KHiD movement can tune into his official YouTube at Viewers can also follow his twitter for updates on at (@CKHID).

New Hip Hop Artist C.KHiD Collaborating with Hip Hop Clothing Lines Pics 

C.KHiD wears new hip Hop clothing from Cake Mix Brand to a Wiz Khalifa concert in Asheville, NC. See him posing with his music team; RIGHT TO LEFT – comedian Jus JeffDJ Funky White Boy, and Hype Man “Clinks“. 

C.KHiD wears Cake Mix Clothing during interview with rapper Wiz Khalifa. The CKHID team had had fun hyping the Asheville, NC crowd before Wiz Khalifa and Yelawolf’s performances as well.