New Hip Hop Song Sour Sugar is featured on today for the 3rd time. A hit single on iTunes and Amazon, it’s ringing in clubs and a few radio stations across the United States and Caribbean currently as well. Currently downloaded 48,028 times according to Myxerm analytics, rapper C.KHiD is seeing pure sweetness from this.

“It feels great. I got a call today from a friend saying Sour Sugar was on Pick of the Day. Sour Sugar is a top new Hip Hop song. Too bad radio won’t support new music. The song is about dealing with relationships the right way,” says rapper C.KHiD on feature. “Im inspired by 2pac, Jay Z, the Beatles, Ben E King, Elvis, and all that. This is real music the US market has been waiting for.”

Totaling 177,799 ringtone downloads since registering for Myxer, C.KHiD has only received $6.70 for his music. Allowing all ringtone downloads free for most of his career, he wants to continue getting heard via mobile phones or devices anywhere possible.

Releasing the new Hip Hop song “Sour Sugar” shortly ago, C.KhID says the single will remain a new song for most until a major push goes behind the project. Always being discovered via Youtube by searching Hip Hop fans, C.KHiD has over 3 million Youtube views from people across the world.

C.KHiD music an be found on iTunes (click here) music store or by C.KHiD’s top selling singles on iTunes are “I Want This World” and “Ca$h on Deck,” which both have yOutube music videos with well over 200,000 plays.

New Hip Hop Song Sour Sugar featured as Myxer Ringtone Pick Of the Day Pics 

Photo of Hip Hop artist C.KHiD. Portrait taken for female sneaker wearers; whom he’s a fan of himself. 

C.Khid Sour Sugar music video; Over 45,000 have watched it on Youtube without promotion. 208 fans voted like with 9 voting dislike.