New Jay Z Record Label ‘Roc Nation’ was a choice home for Hip Hop artist C.khiD. Not at all affiliated with the label, he scoped Rocafella and Roc Nation from a distance and continued working his own music career. More than 3 million youtube views later today, the young entrepreneur looks to build his own brand using the footsteps of Shawn Carter.

“Just like every other Hip Hop kid, I grew up listening to Jay Z. I thought signing to Rocafella or Roc Nation would make me a platinum artist over night. I made music videos for Youtube I thought would catch the eye and ear of A&R for Roc Nation but instead got the people following me. I think Jay Z for giving me the Dream because just that inspiration of getting signed created opportunity,” says C.KHiD of his itunes success.

Totalling over 160,000 ringtone downloads via, C.KHiD has at least one new Hip Hop song you have heard probably. “I Want This World” music video debuted on MTV Jams, BET Centric, and VH1 On Demand in early 2010. Current hit single “Sour Sugar” is being played by DJs across the United States and Carribean.

No longer chasing the idea of signing to the new Jay Z record label, C.KHiD is instead seeking investors for his “CKHID” entertainment brand. Furthering his digital age media and entertainment group, he plans to redesign the vision of music business.

“Hip Hop music is going through change. Artists like Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, and youtube star DeStorm are proving you can make a career without majors. Some of these new rappers can rake in millions annually with their fan base with a good plan. CKHID has that new age plan,” speaks the young Hip Hop music and media businessman.

Already an authority in Hip Hop clothing and sneaker culture, C.KHiD launched his own website in 2009. In 2010 it became a popular Google search result and still growing. He also purchased as preparation for next year.

Planning for the new year in advance, C.khiD will make all “CKHID” hip hop music artists visible to Hip Hop heads searching “hip hop 2011′ on google. Expecting to own a search market share of 130,000 browsers monthly, it’s gauranteed to help the label.

No longer longer dazzled by the idea of signing to the new Jay Z record label solely, C.KHiD has expanded his options. Never against the idea of a major label, he credits Wiz Khalifa with the best answer to signing a recording contract. “Wiz Khalifa said whatever label has the most money is who he’ll sign to. I like his statement,” he laughs.

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