Karate Kid, the new movie starring Jayden Smith and Jackie Chan, topped box office charts. Landing a whopping $56 million in sales over a 3 day weekend, the debut secure a great future for the son of legendary actor Will Smith . Really showing the desire and drive to become an entertainer with this film, hard work has paid off. A new Prince has emerged in entertainment and it’s not the Fresh Prince.

“Jayden Smith is a sure talent. Anytime a child is born with such confidence and brilliance, it is obvious they have the potential to lead a generation. Great for taking on the challenge of living up to his family legacy, Jayden’s sure to continue to wow fans and entertainment consumers,” says Rodrick Rainey, founder of CKHID media and entertainment group.

Leaving the competition far behind in shadows, the Karate Kid movie grossed over double that of the #2 movie. A-Team, starring Liam Neeson, Quinton Jackson, Sharlto Copley, and Bradley Cooper only reached $26 million. While those numbers may rise if reviews do, the A-Team film did not recieve the buzz anticipated.

Shrek Forever After stayed in the top 3, after debuting atop the charts last week. Selling $15.8Million its second week, it’s had a stellar performance overall.

“The Karate Kid” – $56 million
“The A-Team” – $26 million
“Shrek Forever After” – $15.8 million
“Get Him to the Greek” – $10.1 million
“Killers” – $8.2 million
“Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” – $6.6 million
“Marmaduke” – $6
“Sex and the City 2” – $5.5 million
“Iron Man 2” – $4.6 million
“Splice” – $2.9 million

New Movie Karate Kid Promises Bright Future for Jayden Smith Pics 

Photo of Jayden Smith working out with co-star Jackie Chain. The martial arts Hollywood star was the teacher of the young Karate Kid. 

Photo of Jayden Smith doing an extremely difficult High Kick in good form. Jayden really pushed himself to the limit for this role. 

Photo of Jayden Smith and Jackie Chan training.