Hip Hop 2010 has visited the Westend of Kentucky thanks to new rapper “Bricks Da Franchise.” Collaborating with video producer DavesReflex.com, his new smash single “Westend” is going worldwide with visual prescence. Already selling over 8500 mixtapes locally, Bricks Da Franchise is one rapper to watch in Hip Hop 2010.

“Bricks and DavesReflex really captured Louisville, Kentucky in this project. The song is aggressive and representing the urban community aggressively. The video takes you around every part of the city, showing the world the city the artist loves. Can it get any realer than that?,” says rapper C.KHiD on the “Westend” Hip Hop 2010 project.

Rapping since the age of 8, Bricks Da Franchise has always looked towards Hip Hop and entertainment as his dream career. Growing up on the Westide of Louisville, Kentucky, his dreams were sidetracked by blind ambition to profit in the streets. With no father in his life to give guidance, he still somehow found the strength to pull himself back towards Hip Hop music, learning to market himself and sell CDs to local Hip Hop music consumers.

Inspired by rappers 2pac Shakur, Soulja Slim, Jay Z, and Eminem, Bricks intends to follow in those leader’s foosteps balancing his music. While giving the grime of the street, he always wants to shine brilliantly as a person who overcame and can speak on the pros in a legitimate lifestlye.

Those interested in following Bricks Da Franchise can visit his official websitewww.LetsTalkBricks.com or on twitter @BricksDF

Hip Hop 2010 Visits Westend of Kentucky For New Rap Video Pics 

Picture of Bricks Da Franchise from his official websitewww.BricksDaFranchise.com. Dressed down in Coogi and a new Era Fitted, he puts on for his city. 

The video for Bricks Da Franchise – West End is now available on Youtube. Watch the rap video above and be sure to rate it “Like” when done. Video produced by www.DavesReflex.com