Def Jam rapper Lil Ru recieved national attention after his song “Nasty Song” burned through the streets of the east coast. Spreading above and below the mason dixon, his hit single pulled in major attention causing record labels to toss offers for his signature on the dotted line. A few years after becoming South Carolina’s first Def Jam artist, the SC Hip hop music artist finds himself being one of the state’s most hated.

“These lames trying to display my state as as f-ck n–gas like that when it’s a bunch of real brothas grinding the same way I grind…relentless. They’re just trying to f-ck up the Ozone layer with this hatin’ sh-t, feel me? But real brothas going to stand. As far as my baby mother talking about not taking care of my child, come on… I was dropping my son off in the video [fight video below],” says Lil Ru of the hatred poured his way from other South Carolina artists.

The first artist from South Carolina signed to Def Jam records, Lil Ru had a great debut with single “Nasty Song” but it did not translate into first album success. Like other Hip Hop music artists from TI and Jay Z to Wiz Khalifa, his first project did not sell as well as expected. Only getting 5,000 scans he became the lowest selling artist in Def Jam Records history. However, this is the ‘streak’ of many of today’s top names including Eminem and 50 Cent.

“I don’t know nothing about the issues Lil Ru has going. I witnessed the people in SC loved his music like no other at one point though. I think his next album will shut down haters because South Carolina cats, all we know is get it on our own… there’s no handouts here for people like us, so when we get dream opportunities we know how to go super hard,” says fellow SC Hip hop artist C.KHiD.

Beyond music, a seemingly pre-planned altercation occurred between Lil Ru and guys from his hometown Columbia, SC. A group of guys affiliated with his child’s mother escalated their hatred into a physical state by sucker punching the rapper who was dropping his son off at the time. Filming the event on camera as it took place, view below to see the Lil Ru fight and his personal response after the event.

New Hip Hop Artist Lil Ru Addresses Fight and Shows Off Diamond Jewelry Pics 

Photo of new hip hop artist Lil Ru at club oceans. Dressed in new streetwear clothing, he’s enjoying the success of being Def Jam’s newest talent. 

Lil Ru, who was on tour at the time of the SC Music Awards, accepts the trophy for Best Male Artist of the Year. 

Lil Ru and kid’s mother argue before artist gets sucker punched from the side. Lil Ru says he was wondering why so many guys were around and why a guy had a camera hanging on a stick outisde, until the fight broke out. 

Lil Ru responds to what happened shortly after the event. Obviously somewhat angered, he spent 20 minutes speaking on the situation. Watch “part 2” of the film as well (click here).