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2010 Rap video “Cash on Deck” is one of the most catchy club tunes of this year. Released by unsigned rap music artist “C.KHiD,” the single managed to win over Hip Hop culture on-line. Not only a US recognized artist, thanks to new raps song videos like Cash on Deck, he is building new fan bases in Asia, Europe, and South America. Recently passing 410,000 youtube plays the 2010 Rap video is a certified hit and expected to hit a whopping 1 million plays by 2011.

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“I made this song to bring people closer to my music before I reveal myself. Everybody likes a club song and throwing money throughout the video is a gimmick everybody loves to see. Cash on Deck and I want Money are my two rap songs that celebrate the idea of having money and living free,” says C.KHiD


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