New Lil Wayne song sample “Money I Rely On” is the hook for a new music single being released by C.KHiD. Discussing the idea of a go hard capitalist, the Hip Hop 2010 rapper goes hard on the idea of what making money can do for any individual. Not yet mixed down for iTunes release, a music video visual with a rough draft was released to his youtubers (

“E Rice on The Beat, a Bay Area producer, hit me with this instrumental and I snapped to it. The new Lil Wayne song sample Money I Rely On, I can not believe nobody else used it,” says Hip Hop music artist C.KHiD on the single.

Leaked early to take in responses from CKHID Youtube subscribers, the video was rated all ‘thumbs up’ by fans. Viewed by a few thousands, the rough cut video gave enough visual enhancement to the single to entertain. Shot in the living room of C.KHiD’s home, the simple video is amateur video production at its finest according to C.KHiD.

Fans of C.KHiD can check out the new single by google searching “Money I Rely C.KHiD”. Also see the video embedded below for users.

New Lil Wayne Song Sample Used on New Hip Hop Single Money I Rely On Pics 

A photo of rapper C.KHiD cut from the “Money I Rely on” video blog. Artist flashes an estimated $20,000 in cash during the video. 

Embedded above is the Money I Rely On test video that C.KhID made.