Hip Hop artist 40 Glocc is no stranger to success. Working hard since age 14, he networked his way to east coast duo Mobb Deep and obtained a deal with Hip Hop mogul 50 Cent’s G-Unit Records empire. Today, he tours with his G-Unit family enjoying international rewards of making Hip Hop music and a new life. Speaking openly for a few minutes with New Hip Hop culture site, CKHID.com, the Big Bad 4 0 might surprise those that know and don’t know him.

“I started (rapping) when I about 14. That’s when I started chasing this… I met 50 cent after running with Snoop, who plugged me with Mobb Deep, who got signed to G-Unit,” says 40 Glocc about how he met up with 50 Cent. A briefed excerpt from the Hip Hop interview.

40 Glocc, who says he is changing his name to Big Bad 4 0, is also looking forward to new music he’s releasing. He mentions two singles that will feature California Hip Hop music artists Ray J, e40, and more. Speaking about his upcoming hits towards the end of the interview, he also leaks the fact there will be some crazy West Coast celebrity cameos in the music videos coming. Names such as “D-Bo” and Ice Cube were dropped to mention a few.

Fans of 40 Glocc, New G-Unit songs, and West Coast Hip Hop can view the official interview video below. Exclusive to CKHID on-line, fans are free to post it on facebook, twitter, or other blogs. Use the embed code on the Youtube video given.

West Coast Hip Hop Artist 40 Glocc Speaks on New G-Unit Songs, Tours, and Working with 50 Cent Pics 

Quick pic of the new 40 Glocc since finding success with G-Unit inside the Hip Hop music field. 

Check above for the new 40 Glocc hip hop interview hosted by rapperMadame Sabrosa for CKHID on-line. Directed by Hip Hop artist / entrepreneur C.KHiD, those watching will see inside the mind of this West Coast G-Unit Artist’s mind for a few minutes.