Custom Jewelry shop Trax NYC has launched on-line. A favorite jeweler of various celebrities the high quality jeweler decided to offer the public their designs in a more accessible store. From globe in my hand diamond pendants to pinky rings, the Trax NYC jeweler has great artwork. Looking to take over the web as the best diamond jewler, there store is virally becoming a hot spot for financially able.

“Trax NYC has amazing craftsman working with the precious metals. The person or people sculpting their jewelry has a great way of developing your idea for jewelry into a showstopper and conversation piece,” says Rodrick Rainey, founder of the first Hip Hop fashion website.

Ranging in price from the hundreds into the hundreds of thousands range, Trax NYC tries to leave options for all of those experiencing success. While celebrities make up a bulk of their clients, that is not all. Popular for their black diamonds jewelry, if you see someone with this color diamond, there’s a chance it is by Trax NYC.

Established in 2004, Trax NYC was founded by “Maksud A,” custom jeweler. He birthed the project from his artistic senses which pushed beyond initial visions after he connected with a few Hollywood-known names.

Trax NYC’s official jewelry store can be found at . A bonus to on-line jewelry shoppers, Trax liquidates custom jewelry that is not paid for in completion. Pieces such as an Incredible Hulk diamond pendant to black diamonds chains can be found at their store today.

Custom Jewelry Shop Trax NYC Launches Diamond Jewelry Store On-line Pics 

Trax NYC Diamond Cash Money Pendant 
Young Money and Lil Wayne fans have to love this custom jewelry piece. A diamond Cash Money bag pendant, can you guess who wears this ? 

Custom Diamond Spiderman Jewelry  
Check out the diamond Spiderman Pendant above. This custom jewelrypiece weighs in at 16 carats with SI1 quality diamonds. 10k yellow gold behind the diamonds, it’s a serious piece. 

Custom Jewelry  
Trax NYC new custom jewelry designs. These are pieces purchased by previous clients; possibly Rappers or athletes.