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Coming Soon margin-bottom: 20px; Memphis, Tennessee rapper Gyft caused a stir during the spring and summer of 2010. His hit single “They Just Dont Know” sparked lots of attention from on-line blogs, Youtubers, and Twitter-holics. Riding the wave of success from the song, Gyft has committed himself to doing more work to satisfy his new fan base. Sitting with CKHID on-line during a Las Vegas weekend, Gyft explains how he started and cancels rumors of being signed to Kanye West’s GOOD music label.

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“Ok, lets clear that up. That record was not produced by Kanye. I don’t know how that got out there. I dont know why that started. I guess it sounds like Kanye and somebody put it on Youtube but I don’t know. That was not by Kanye (West) and Kanye had nothing to do with it. So dont let me lie to y’all and build my hype off that,” said Gyft.

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A fan of Kanye West’s work, Gyft also explained in the interview how he would lie to work with the Chicago-born producer. Not wishing to live off false hype or lies, Gyft has plans to deliver more music in the near future to prove his music is not a fluke. Sponsored by RockSmith clothing, he recently released a new Hip Hop mixtape which can be found via www.IAmGyft.com.


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