Hip Hop en Espanol is helping rapper C.KHiD reach and international Hip Hop market. Since the debuting of his music videos “Cash on Deck” on youtube, comments and e-mails have poured in to show support from Chile, Mexico, and Spain. Now played over 415,000 times, the one video has opened the artist’s eyes to the world.

“I’ve always spoke a little Spanish and just like to add lines in Spanish to go over some peoples heads and shock others. I also watch to reach other young people that can relate and might speak Spanish from Costa Rica to DR (Dominican republic). I’m not the best but I know what I know so why not use it?” says C.KHiD on his Hip Hop en espanol.

Also seeing international success to his best selling single “I Want This World,” C.KHiD followers from Spanish-speaking countries have added subtitles to his videos. Every line is broken down into Spanish so those who aren’t yet fluent in English can understand his every word.

Staying in Costa Rica for a short stint, C.KHiD hopes to perform in various Latin populated regions worldwide. Breaking barriers with his music, he hopes to experience as many parts of the world as he can.

“I’m just having fun with the music and motivating people. Hip Hop en Espanol is not yet my strong point but I’m going to do songs for the fans next year. Songs for the Hip Hop 2011 year might shock a lot of people,” C.KHiD continued.

Fans looking for C.KHiD’s Hip Hop music en espanol can search for “C.KHiD I Want This World Subtitulos Esp” on Youtube.com. C.KHiD welcomes global fan communications via twitter (@CKHID).

Hip Hop en Espanol Helping C.KHiD Reach International Market Pics 

C.KHiD Video Has Hip Hop en Espanol Subtitles 
Above see a clip of Hip Hop en Espanol as a C.KHiD fan added spanish subtitles to video ‘I Want This World’. A surprise discovery, it certifies the artist’s prescence in Latin countries. 

View C.KHiD’s I Want this World Hip Hop en Espanol version above. Put togethor by a fan, the music video had a huge surge of attention from South American cities in 2010..