Hip Hop Honeys had fun on set of new rap video “Bad Chick” by C.KHiD. With 6 girls at the Hip Hop video shoot and 5 participating, things took a comical turn mid-production. Hip Hop model Chrystan Johnson was approached by comedian Jus Jeff during a scene where she threw water in his face after a short comment.

“It was funny. No pun, because he’s a comedian but it was funny. She almost cracked the wine glass on him and you can hear it in the video,” says rapper C.KHiD.

All the Hip Hop models in the video laughed at the scene which was meant to entertain anyway. Using the recorded footage in the official “Bad Chick” rap video, those wishing for a laugh can play the video at approximately the 2:30 mark to catch the event. The laugh inspired by this video is an instant vacation from any Hip Hop music fans long day.

Using major eye candy for this C.KHiD video, Hip Hop Honeys featured in the video include Kicks and Chicks models, magazine models, and more. Poster girl Erika Estrada, Shantell Reisinger, Victoria Logan, and Charlie Browning were amongst the girls featured in this video.

Fans of C.KHiD and the “Bad Chick” song can support by subscribing to his Youtube channel at www.youtube.com/CKHID. Now available on iTunes, “Bad Chick” can be downloaded for .99 cents anywhere in the world.

Hip Hop Honeys Toss Drink on Comedian During Rap Video Shoot Pics 

Check out the various Hip Hop Honeys in the Bad Chicks video. C.KHiD drops a song for the girls handling business the right way and not just a groupie with a story to blast. That’s a bad chick! 

Hip Hop Honeys 
The Hip Hop Honeys got a great laugh out of this action during the rap video “Bad Chicks” by C.KHiD. The glass almost got cracked over comedian Jus Jeff’s face with a long-shot drink.