Hip Hop Songs today are very diverse in message and theme. While Hip Hop artists like Eminem make motivational music like “Not afraid”, southern Rap artists like Gucci Mane have “Its Gucci Time” for the club. From a state of less noticeable Hip Hop entertainment names, rapper C.KHiD is aiming hard to ‘Break Change’ in the industry of music.

“I have the normal Hip Hop music but many of my songs have and underlying meaning to each line or the entire song. Easy punch lines are a must to entertain, but I like to drop lines on Bill Rockerfeller and Reginald Lewis over to scientific phenomenon like Big Foot and the Lochness monster as well,” says c.KhiD

Releasing Hip Hop Songs ‘They Think That Im Crazy’ and ‘Break Change’ this year, the South Carolina hip hop artist’s buzz has grown majorly thanks to on-line fans participation. Sharing his Hip Hop music videos on youtube and Myxer.com ringtones, C.KHiD is hooking the ears of people all over thanks to viral content.

Now available on iTunes, the C.KHiD album “Black Box Dreams 2” features Hip Hop song “Break Change.” A personal favorite of C.KHiD, the single also has a music video now on Youtube, which can be viewed below.

“Break Change is a favorite because of the punch line. The whole first few lines where I use SneakerHead talk and the line about going hard like an Old man with Viagra make the song fun for me. Some people will say it’s so simple but not even understand half the pictures i paint in the song,” continued C.KHiD.

Fans of C.KHiD can keep up with his new music videos and content by subscribing to his official Youtube channel at youtube.com/CKHID.

Hip Hop Songs Make HipHop Music Fans Break Change for C.KHiD Pics 

Break Change - C.KHiD 
Picture from the Break Change – C.KHiD video was captured above. 

Check out the Hip Hop video Break Change C.KHiD above. It’s an unofficial video put togethor by C.KHiD between trips out of state.