budes 64 nasenspray kaufen Joe Rodeo watch designs are some of the hottest time pieces on the Hip Hop jewelry market today. Diamond covered and shining brilliantly, the brand has been worn by popular rap names such as Akon, Drake, and Ludacris. Rarely however has the product been looked at in the eye candy world as a feature piece but jeweler Trax NYC is merging the ideas.

“Trax NYC did something like Kicks and Chicks, but more like Jewelry with Hip Hop models instead of sneakers. It’s a cool idea as what better way to show a girls best friend than with pretty girls?” says the founder of sneakers blog KicksAndChicks.com.

Launched shortly ago, TraxNYC.com has become a hot spot for celebrity music artists, entertainers, and athletes to shop. Looking to recreate their viral appeal, the Trax NYC store team decided combining Hip Hop models with Black Diamonds, Joe Rodeo watch designs, and other exclusive jewelry would create new interests.

Trax NYC custom jewelry store was founded in 2004 by an artist called only “Maksud A” by customers. Since his start he has expanded into one of the largest New York custom jewelry store owners and designers. Over 100 jewelry designs can be found in his physical store in New York City and on-line.

Joe Rodeo Watch, Diamonds, and Hip Hop Models Mix Pics 

Above is a picture of a  Bihać clomifen ratiopharm 50 mg preis hip hop model posing with various  viagra online auf rechnung kaufen diamond jewelrycreated by Trax NYC at their store front. 

Continued, more pics of the  acervately ciprofloxacin Hip HOp jewelry model at the Trax NYC jewelry store.