New 50 Cent songs are going to help Americans make babies according to the megastar rap artist. He recently tweeted that his album “Return of the Heartless” has a new style that everyone will love and help re-invent his sound. Known as the King of Twitter by fans and other well-known names like Melyssa Ford, Ciara, and more, this one tweet raises questions about his new direction.

“It would not surprise me if new 50 Cent songs were a bit less aggressive. Maybe a slick aggressive tone like his first album Power of the Dollar, which was classic music by standards of Hip Hop,” says upcoming rapper C.KHiD.

New 50 Cent songs on his coming rap album “Return of the Heartless Monster” have been rumored to include collabs with artists never before possible. Fans have even requested 50 Cent collaborate with newer hip hop artists such as Wiz Khalifa and J Cole over to more established acts like Soulja Boy Tell Em and Ciara.

“I got this other song its so smooth if you listen to it you pregnant. Nobody ain’t even got to touch you” tweeted 50 Cent about what is to come on the new album Return of the Heartless Monster.

Going beyond promoting his new album, 50 Cent also continues to focus on good deeds. The rapper has teamed with Pitbull aka “Mr International” for a breast cancer benefit concert in Florida. The two will headline the concert next month (October 10). The benefit will help fund studies of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, the Boca Raton Community Hospital Women’s Center for Breast Care, and other breast research charities.

Really using his energy to create positive opportunities for others, 50 Cent continues to have fun with his success. Aiming to master all crafts he gets involved with, he still finds time to help America make babies which is amazing. Melyssa Ford says the rapper has too much charm to resist and he is definitely doing great things if one pays attention.

New 50 Cent Songs To Help Americans Make Babies and Fight Cancer Pics 

Above is a picture of the 50 Cent with supermodel and popular tv talkshow host Tyra Banks. The two togethor are worth over a billion dollars. 

Pictures above of both rappers 50 Cent and Pitbull on their business mode. Sleek and stylish, the two have become powerful international figures.