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A new Drake concert gave fans the announcement they have been waiting to hear. Once rapper Lil Wayne is free, he will be live in concert fresh out of jail. Reminiscent of 2pac Shakur coming home in the 1990s, the buzz of what is to come from that concert has fans going crazy . As new Drake Songs and new Lil Wayne music have emerged as fi the two were at the same studio the whole rap 2010 year, it’s obvious one of the two has not been out in the public.

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Coming Soon Live on Ustream a 30,000 fans watched, “November 5, the Welcome Home Weezy concert,” Drake said about Young Money family member Lil Wayne. While he didn’t reveal the location, “That’s gonna be crazy,” Drizzy said with a McDonald’s employee grin. “I told you I got you. I would never just Ustream and talk about nothing.”

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Excited about the coming concert dates, Drake has not been able to accomplish getting one artist on the tour however. The herbal essence of Pittsburgh (PA) Hip Hop music artist Wiz Khalifa is hard to get on the Light Dreams and Nightmares tour. Wiz contends he likes Drake but enjoys headlining his own tour over coming in under other artists.

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“If Wiz by any chance watches this, you gotta make some calls for me and make this happen,” said Drizzy Drake Roberts. “We got that young energy right now, we need to go out here and kill these people.”


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