New rap albums from major label recording artists have been having troubles selling, excluding Eminem, Lil Wayne, Lady Gaga, Wiz Khalifa, and others. However, it’s becoming apparent independent Hip Hop music artists are finding ways to increase their sales with a little ingenuity. Shocking many industry executives that may have passed on signing the talent, rapper “Lil Crazed” has landed himself atop the iTunes charts in Greece, with no major push to his album ‘Equilibrium’.

“Lil Crazed has the girls going wild today and it all started from youtube. Getting close to 100,000 subscribers, he might just be a next big thing internationally,” says on-line Hip Hop pioneer Rodrick Rainey.

Crazed, from Rochester, Minnesota has sold thousands of units on-line and continues to improve numbers. Standing below rap artists Gorillaz, The Black Eyed Peas, and Pitbull, it’s amazing what the ‘crazed’ kid has accomplished. Possibly the youngest of youtube Hip Hop artists to accomplish the sales totals he has, fans have poured in over 13.2million views to all of his youtube.

Lil Crazed Equilibrium album was released July 10, 2010. A 5 track album for $4.95, it has since become a youtube music fans favorite and cornerstone for label KID entertainment.

Fans can converse with Lil Crazed via twitter @LilCrazedKID or on his official youtube channel (goto Lil Crazed channel).

New Rap Albums Cant Stop Lil Crazed Equililbrium Album From Climbing iTunes Charts Pics 

Lil Crazed Equilibrium 
New rap albums your purchase should include the above, Lil Crazed Equilibrium. Rising up the Greece iTunes Rap Charts, it is the #6 best seller for digital downloads. 

Watch the Lil Crazed By Your Side video above, it’s one of his most popular songs.