Wiz Khalifa has recently began making public note of what rappers he wants on his first album under Atlantic Records. Surprising many Hip Hop spectators, he mentioned underground legends along with majors. A real king to the underground Hip Hop market himself, if Wiz gets what he wants the first album may exceed the potency of free mixtape Kush and OJ.

“I wanna work with Cam’ron, trying to get Cam’ron on the album. [Twitter trending topic] ‘#CamronSays,’ Cam’ron’s my man, a lot of people don’t know I started that. I did, me. Shout-out to Killa. I want to get Killa on the album. I want to get 8Ball & MJG, I want to get Devin the Dude on the album, Snoop [Dogg] of course. And if anything else happens, it’ll be a classic collaboration that nobody expects,” was quoted by SOHH from a Power 92.1 interview.

Signing to Atlantic Records this summer, the rapper turned down touring deals from Drake and record deals from Rick Ross to master the niche in Hip Hop he’s coined. Creating a fan base that is in the visible millions, Wiz Khalifa managed to sell out over 50 shows in the United States before signing. No other rap artist has had such a visible following without co-signs since 50 cent.

Moving forward on his new album under Atlantic Records, Wiz Khalifa’s 2010 rap album is sure to slow sales of same week competition. Soon to release the official Black and Yellow Hip Hop video to push his first single, it’s a sure thing Pittsburgh, PA residents and offspring will be downloading the new Steeler’s fan anthem.

Beyond rap, Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang entertainment group is also expanding. Lead by the rapper and partner “Will,” the two have relaunched TaylorGang.net for official Wiz Khalifa clothing and merchandise. Also, the group expanded their marijuana social site, TaylorsGreen.com which has pictures that celebrates the jet life and paper planes.

New Wiz Khalifa Songs Discussed and Taylor Gang Website ReLaunched Pics 

Above is a picture of the Taylor Gang boss with his funny face on. Modeling clothing, this was taken for a magazine editorial. 

Check out the diamond Spiderman Pendant above. This custom jewelrypiece is a reminder to Wiz of where he is from and what he is about.