WorldStarHiphop founder Lee Q O’Denat got open with CKHID on-line for a new interview. After a brief conversation with rapper/entertainer C.KHiD, the two decided to do a special spotlight on Q’s life to let people know it’s not easy finding success. Speaking on his days of being homeless while chasing the Dream of a World Star Hip Hip video website, it’s quite the story.

“Speaking with Q. you might not ever guess his background. His job firing him caused him to be homeless for a short period of time, which showed him a different side of people. It also gave him the motivation to succeed. This interview is priceless for the urban or Hip Hop entrepreneur,” says C.KHiD, who personally hosted the interview.

Affiliated loosely, Q. helped the young artist c.KhiD earlier with his music career. Posting the videos “I Want This World” and “Am I Dreaming” helped land C.KHiD on MTV, BET, and Vh1 television networks which sparked new fan base growth worldwide and locally.

Both being true pioneers in the digital Hip Hop world, C.KHiD and Q. had a short conversation before getting this Hip Hop interview together. Giving people an aggressive, blunt interview with no screening, Q. told it all.

“I’m something like the Russell Simmons of the Internet for Urban and Hip Hop music. I was one of the first cats to come on-line. In 2001, I had a Hip Hop mixtape site. I was already ahead and i knew this was the future.” spoke Q. as a response to WorldStarHipHop questions.

Q. is currently promoting on a WorldStarHipHop tour and building the Worldstar clothing brand and Hip Hop models agency. View the entire interview on It is located on the “Interview” page ( click here).

WorldStarHipHop founder Q Talks About Being Homeless Before Hip Hop Videos Site Pics 

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Lee Q O′Denat  aka Q, WorldStarHipHop Founder 
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