Youtube music video artist and entertainer C.KHiD is gearing up for a Hip Hop 2011 take over on-line. Following similar steps of Soulja Boy, KlassicMaster producer Mike Kalombo, and others, he recently announced to fans he too has become a Youtube partner. Joining the ranks of a limited percentage of people on the site, Youtube will begin promoting the Greenville, South Carolina music artist as a premier content creator and leader for Hip Hop 2011.

“I put in a lot of hard work to get this. I released 1 video per day from 2009 through 2010, even attempting 50 in one week at one point. I treated the digital video world like the Hip Hop mixtape game. Put a verse on everybody’s work but then also directed and shot my own music videos. Lots of time and money to give fans good content,” says C.khiD of his Youtube partner situation.

Now focused on all original Hip Hop songs and music video content, C.KHiD is aiming to release 2 original rap music videos weekly beginning October 2010. Hoping to have a huge momentum coming into the 2011 Hip Hop music scene, C.KHiD wants to top his previous record setting video “Cash on Deck” which did over 430,000 views before being accidentally deleted, playing with the new youtube partner features.

C.khiD spoke to his PR about the big deletion saying “,I deleted two of my biggest videos by accident. Cash on Deck had nearly half a million views and Sour Sugar had just touched 80k views. I set them to rental thinking people could download for pay and watch for free, but was wrong. When i tried to clear the rental list after disabling, i found I had deleted the videos permanently. Sucked but I can do it again”

Soon to reach the sum 4 million youtube views, C.KHiD videos are rising in demand. As a youthful audience continues to relate to the motivational music from the eclectic rapper, his subscription count also grows . Hoping to blow past 10,000 subscribers by the end of the Hip Hop 2010 year, he is definitely a rapper to watch grow.

Youtube Partners C.KHiD for Hip Hop 2011 Pics 

Youtube Partner 
One of the few rappers on the Youtube Partner program, C.KHiD has a sprouting fan base. His music video “Cash on Deck” has over 425,000 views with hopes of reaching 1 million.