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.lead { According to rapper B.G. is currently being sued. B.G. was caught filming a new music video on his neighbor’s property without their permission and now he has been slapped with a big lawsuit of no less than $150,000.

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Shyrl Patterson Bagneris and John Bagneris are the upset neighbors of B.G. who currently filed suit against B.G. They claim that the rapper did not ask them for permission to shoot a portion of a new music video on their property. They filed the lawsuit with the District Court, Eastern District Lousiana. B.G. apparently did not have city permits to shoot the music video. He is being sued for trespassing with a film crew of more than 40 people. They brought with them a complete lighting setup and other “heavy duty equipment” onto the property to film a video for B.G.’s song, “My Hood.”

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